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September 30, 2012

" Everyone !!! I mean EVERYONE loved the film. And not just because of the beautiful images - but because of the incredibly powerful message to save our Planet Ocean". more info...

  Planet Ocean

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Coral Reefs and Climate Change: The Guide for Education and Awareness

Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the guide for education and awareness book #

June 23, 2010

The CoralWatch team at UQ has just produced a new book “Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the guide for education and awareness”.

This book focuses on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. There is hope for reefs but we must act now. Coral reefs are being lost more than five times faster than rainforest and it is up to us to prevent their continued degradation.

The book explains the effects of climate change by using coral reefs as an example. Its aim is to inform, educate and enable people to begin to question the future that we are creating right now. It combines some of the latest scientific research with informative imagery to cover topics such as oceanography, coral reef biology, the issues of climate change and suggestions for ways forward. The book is not aimed at scientists but at educators, students, reef enthusiasts, professionals and interested people.

Coral Reefs and Climate Change

The Guide for Education and Awareness

Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan and Diana Kleine
256 pages, 205 x 260 mm
Publisher: CoralWatch, The University of Queensland, Brisbane (2009)


  • Personal views from leading scientists
  • Based on latest possible research
  • Over 600 photos, illustrations, maps, conceptual models and graphs
  • Not only the issues but also solutions!
  • Includes Activity CD with Coral Reefs and Climate Change Workbook, a CoralWatch instructional video, monitoring kits, articles, Reef Life ID charts and a virtual reef poster
  • Includes Coral Health Chart

The book is available from

This book is produced by CoralWatch, a non-profit research organisation based at The University of Queensland, Australia. We are working with hundreds of groups and individuals worldwide to increase understanding of coral reefs, coral bleaching and climate change. We encourage reef protection and sustainable living through interactive learning and monitoring tools.


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