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Planet Ocean selected as
Winner Of Best Cinematography
at Blue Ocean Film Festival

September 30, 2012

" Everyone !!! I mean EVERYONE loved the film. And not just because of the beautiful images - but because of the incredibly powerful message to save our Planet Ocean". more info...

  Planet Ocean

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Plankton Productions Pty Ltd David Hannan's media production company previously trading as David Hannan Productions Pty Ltd.

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David Hannan

David Hannan - Underwater Cinematography

Passionate about all things marine, David Hannan works as a filmmaker, photographer, artist, educator, speaker and conservationist. In the water with a camera since age 14, he has over decades won international acclaim for his startlingly beautiful underwater images of tropical coral reefs and other remote realms shown in screen productions of all kinds.

David Hannan's cinematography is featured in some of the world's most successful natural history feature films, television programs and series. These include the BBC's 'The Blue Planet', National Geographic 'The Shape of Life' and 'Great Migrations' series, David Suzuki's 'The Nature of Things' and recently ABC's 'Life On the Reef'.

Filming in High-Definition since 2001 and now 4k+, he has amassed one of the worlds largest and most coveted independent tropical marine footage libraries and also an extensive archive of Antarctic subjects on HD.

With his company Plankton Productions he has created a visual record of tropical and temperate marine environments all around Australia, set up a base for filming expeditions in Papua New Guinea, voyaged beyond Antarctica and established Ocean Ark Alliance, a new not-for-profit organisation.

David was Australian producer and cinematographer on Rob Stewarts feature documentary 'Sharkwater' about shark-finning which has won more than 34 International Awards. Rob's new feature movie 'Revolution', is out now.

He has made significant contributions to 'Planet Ocean', a film by the producers of 'HOME'. Other recent endeavours include principal cinematography for 'Coral: Rekindling Venus', a major new work in full-dome format by Lynette Wallworth and visuals for projection onto the dance performance piece 'Okeanos'.

David's now classic 'Coral Sea Dreaming - an Evolving Balance' was first released in 1992, shown in over 60 countries and still remains the best-selling natural history program ever produced by an Australian filmmaker.

Since then, David has produced and been principal cinematographer on many other international, award-winning programs. They include 'Sex on the Reef', 'Raptures - an Undersea Odysee', 'Australia's Marine World' and 'Crown of Thorns - the Monster from the Shallows'.

The 6-part TV series 'Undersea Edens' for Smithsonian Channel won a prestigious award for 'Best Series'. Several HD programs, 'Antarctica Dreaming - Wildlife on Ice', 'Serenity - Southern Seas' and 'Ningaloo - Where The Desert meets the Sea' were produced and released with ProCam in Brisbane, Australia.

David with Plankton Productions are releasing the '20th Anniversary Collectors Edition' of 'Coral Sea Dreaming - A Celebration of Reefs' with USA based MLJ Network. David is also exploring exciting ways of seeing his imagery as 'Virtual Ocean Displays' and developing several new projects.

Dave is renowned not only for his filmmaking, but also for the conservation impetus that is activated by his films. It's an inspiration and driving force behind his work.

David Hannan is a founding Director of Ocean Ark Alliance, a non-profit organisation focussed on open access education reference resources and pioneering conservation initiatives.


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